Level 2 Electrician Sydney

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We are a LEVEL 2 service provider, authorised for Categories 1, 2, 3 & 4 for Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy networks.

M.E. Ward for all of your level 2 ASP electrical work in Sydney and surrounding areas

We are authorised and accredited to install and repair all service main cabling and connections for both single phase and three phase installations – a lot of repairs require more than one category to complete works.

M.E. Ward are specialist electrical service providers that are uniquely positioned to provide a wide range of electrical services including power pole installation and replacement, overhead and underground service cable installations and upgrades, and metering.

What is a level 2 electrician, and what do they do?

A level 2 electrician is qualified and authorised to do installations, repairs and maintenance work on overhead and underground services that run between the customer (home or business) the electrical supply network. This may include disconnecting and reconnecting homes and businesses from the electrical network and installing electric meters.

Some common issues that can indicate that you need a level 2 electrician is that your switchboard is glowing red, or that once your safety switches continuously turn off once you turn them on.  Most standard electricians are not qualified or authorised to work on this type of electrical set up, and this is why M.E. Ward are your go to solution.

A Level 2 Electrician like M.E. Ward is qualified to do the work all other electricians can do, however we hold a higher qualification and licence.



Level 2 electrical services by M.E. Ward include:

  • Relocation and repairs of point of attachment (Cat 1)

  • Overhead cabling replacement, installation and upgrades (Cat 3)

  • Timber and Steel Pole installation and replacement (Cat 1 & Cat 3)

  • Underground cabling replacement, installation and upgrades (Cat 2)

  • Underground to overhead cabling replacement, installation and upgrades (Cat 2 & Cat 3)

  • Metering replacement, installation and upgrades (Cat 1 & Cat 4)

  • Storm Damage Repairs

  • Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy Defect Rectification

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Point of Attachment


As Level 2 accredited electrician, we are able to repair and upgrade any point of attachment in your home. Your point of attachment is the part of the house where the overhead electricity cable connects from the street to your house. If you require this to be upgraded or repaired, only a level 2 electrician such as M.E. Ward are authorised to do this type of work.

Private Power Pole


M.E. Ward are able to install a private power pole if required. Being in your property, the power pole would connect the streets electricity network to your home. If you require a new electricity pole, you will need an accredited level 2 electrician to carry out the work.

Electrical Defect Notice


If officers from Ausgrid or Endeavour Energy have conducted a routine inspection of your electrical work on your property, and you have been issued an electrical defect notice, you will in most cases require a level 2 electrician to complete the repairs needed to bring your electrical work up to scratch. M.E. Ward are on call 7 days a week to conduct the work required to have your electrical work back to compliance.

Consumer Mains


The supply cables that connect to your switchboard are called the consumer mains. For these to be installed, repaired or worked on, you require a level 2 electrical contractor such as M.E. Ward. Reasons for needing work on your consumer mains can include receiving an electrical defect notice, where some of the cabling has deteriorated.

Why we are your preferred and trusted level 2 ASP service provider in Sydney

M.E. Ward are a licensed and accredited level 2 electrical contractor in Thornleigh that have over 50 years of experience in all categories of level 2 ASP electrical work. This includes Cat 1 disconnect and reconnects, cat 2 underground service mains, cat 3 overhead service mains and cat 4 metering.


The M.E. Ward Difference

  • Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority

  • National Award Winning Electricians

  • Qualified and licensed

  • Courtesy call before arrival

  • Experts in Level 2 ASP work

  • Proud supporter of various charities and sporting associations in the community

  • Agree on price before work starts

  • We treat your home and business like our very own

  • 24/7 Emergency Service EVERY day of the year

  • We accept most methods of payment (speak to us about payment plan options)

  • In the electrical business for over 50 years

  • Australian owned and operated

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Who are M.E. Ward?

M.E. Ward are a family owned professional and licensed electrician in Thornleigh that are experts in quality electrical work to homes and businesses in Sydney and surrounding areas. 

Areas we service

We service all of Greater Sydney, providing electrical work of all kinds for a great price, with great customer service. For over 50 years we have been helping customers in Wahroonga, Turramurra, Pymble, GordonSt Ives, Killara, Roseville and Willoughby just to name a few..